Monthly Archives: August 2016 Brings Together the Prettiest of Plus-Sized Barbie Girls on Its BBW Webcam Chat Portal

Posted on by, an online chat portal that reconciles the cultural and geographical gaps between its male and female community members, recently brought onboard a host of plus-sized Barbie girls., a popular online chat portal, seems in a spree to add as many plus-sized females to their community as possible. The owners maintained that the plus-sized Barbie girls added to the community are all professional entertainers and some of them have years of experience in the BBW webcam chat industry. They added that the inclusion of the entertainers to their online chat portal will pull up its popularity. They also did not wave off the possibility of adding more BBW divas to their chat portal in the near future.

“BBWcamspro dot com is committed to providing fuller entertainment to its patrons. We believe that the addition of the plus-sized women to our portal would encourage many others to join the community. In this day and age, word-of-mouth publicity is more impactful than any other expensive marketing strategy. We want to build as a trusted online chat portal for unrestrained and unpretentious erotic chat and I think we are on the right track as the inclusion of the plus-sized Barbie girls has drawn positive responses from our community”, said a senior web administrator of the online chat portal.

According to the web administrator, the age-group to which the newly added online entertainers belong is roughly 25-40. “Many working women also loved the idea of spending leisure time chatting with strangers from all over the world, mostly men. However, we are not at all downplaying the idea of seeing this as an LGBT chatting portal. There are people with different sexual orientation and we respect everyone who is a part of the community”, added the administrator.

According to him, the BBW webcam chat models have had their fair share of industry exposure and experience, yet they have gone through a mandatory grooming session before going live. He said that the grooming session is to make sure that the girls get the right soft skills training and also become aware of the basic internet etiquettes.

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